Accounting for Startup business


Startup business accounts and financial support for entrepreneurs

Startup business accounting is really important.
So aAre you starting out in business? Setting up your next business? Get your startup business accounts and financial goals sorted now! BJT helps startups and entrepreneurs.


and maybe some links through to info for startups like Business Victoria

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Business accounting

The basis of better business is excellent accounting

Business Mentoring

Tax prep and planning from simple to complex


Better bookkeeping helps keep your business "on track"


Self managed superstars rest easy in retirement
Image of business mentoring

Business Mentoring

An "exeternal influence" who supports individual growth, accountability and business development

– Setting SMART short term and long term goals
– KPIs and performance measurement
– Team management
– Managing ATO payments due
– Keeping you accountable and focused
– Confidential, professional, ongoing advice
– A sounding board who challenges you to improve
– Profit planning
– Succession planning

Accounting documents prepared to sign

Business Accounting and Taxation

Our expertise is in managing business and personal financial obligations - including when things get 'complex'

– Preparation of Financial Statements
– Business Income Tax Returns
– Personal Income Tax Returns
– Business Activity Statement (BAS) reporting, reviewing, completion and lodgement
– Income Activity Statment (IAS) Lodgements
– Fringe Benefits Tax and Salary packaging
– Protection strategies
– Annual registration reporting
– Payroll Tax and WorkCover Reconciliations
– ASIC Company Obligations

Self managing accounting superannuation


A Self Managed Superannuation Fund offers assurance and peace of mind for your retirement lifestyle

– Profit planning
– Control over your investments
– Greater flexibility
– An understanding of known fees
– Documented strategies and reviewed progress
– Tailored taxation management
– Flexibility with establishing and managing pensions
– Investing in direct property
– Owning business real estate and property

Bookkeeping services


Our Bookkeepers, led by Carolyn Keen, are highly skilled and experts in their field

– Professional partnerships with Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB
– Setting up your books
– Data entry
– Accurate coding
– Checking transactions
– Reconciliations
– Bookkeeping advice

Image of cashflow management

Cashflow Management

"Turnover is vanity, Profit is sanity, Cashflow is king"

– Budget forecasts
– Cashflow planning
– Profit improvement reviews
– Business Trend & KPI Reporting
– Staff planning strategies
– Employee bonus schemes
– Personal taxation management

Accounting cloud software

Cloud systems

BJT are your cloud accounting software specialists with skills and understanding of cloud system integration

– Xero
– Workflow Max
– Quickbooks Online
– MYOB Essentials
– MYOB AccountRight Live
– Tradify
– Reckon


For a confidential chat about your Business Advisory and Accounting needs, Call BJT on +613 9709 2600 or fill out our contact form and we will be in touch.

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