How You Think – Is Everything.

Think about it. The human brain is amazing – it allows us to have many different emotions and we all have the ability to control them.

We must ensure that we are always positive – think success, not failure. For example, if you have a hectic day where your thoughts are at crossroads and your exercise plans are derailed, don’t focus on the failure of that day. Instead focus on how you can take control of the situation and make the next day a lot more productive.

As for exercise, develop a shorter more convenient workout that you can useon busier days. Don’t ever think “All or nothing.” Because twenty minutes of exercise is far better than none.

Also, beware of a negative environment. For example, if everyone in your office eats at their desk and works through without taking a lunch break, change your habit! Because studies have shown that eating at your desk can make you less productive throughout your day. Instead, lead by example! Why not take a break and go for a short walk. Or, perhaps sit outside for some lovely vitamin D. It may help you think more positively.

For more information the importance of taking a lunch break go to

Bottom Line: In order to be healthy, you must believe that you can do what it takes. And have the resources available to you.

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