Why a good bookkeeper is worth more than their weight in gold

We recognise that a clean set of accounts, prepared by a good bookkeeper, provides enormous value to business owners.

As a business owner, you would like to know at a glance, at any given point in time:
– what you owe
– what you are owed
– how much cash you have available

Many online accounting software systems give you this dashboard overview. However, the dashboard is only as good as the data entered.

This is where a good bookkeeper is worth more than their weight in gold.

A good bookkeeper will ensure the information that goes in to your accounting system is error-free and allocated to the correct accounts. He or she will be able to produce reports for the business owner on a regular basis, and be able to interpret those reports. A great bookkeeper will produce a Business Activity Statement with correct GST allocations in a timely way. And, a good bookkeeper will work closely with your accountant so you have the best possible team working towards the “Better Business, Better Life” philosophy.

BJT values the close relationship it has with the bookkeepers it works with

Carolyn says, “a good bookkeeper is our link with the business.
“He or she understands the day-to-day dealings of the business, and can assist the business owner in making an informed decision.

“The ever-changing world of business compliance can be a minefield, and a good bookkeeper can give a business owner the knowledge and information to maintain their lodgement requirements”.

BJT Business Advisors offers a full business bookkeeping service from our offices in Berwick. BJT Books is headed by qualified, experienced bookkeeper Carolyn Keen.

Better Business, Better Life with BJT Books

BJT Books is based in Berwick. We love working with businesses and family groups all over Australia. Our empathy, along with the experience and expertise, mean our clients are well looked after now and for the future.

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